The Focus Shift Films showreel for 2017 features all of our work for 2016 and other work created by our MD Daniel J. Harris. Corporate video, documentary, 360˚ video, fiction and magazine articles are all included.

Dying Light


Our short film co-production with Vale Productions has completed it’s festival run and is now available to watch online.

Freaks of the Ring Promotions


Focus Shift Films worked with Freaks of the Ring Promotions and Producer Ciaran Gibbons to shoot a boxing event in Cardiff. 15 fights were captured by our cameras across the evening and the final videos have been delivered via the promoters YouTube channel. It was great to try our hand at filming something a little different and we capture the evening in our own style.

Watch the headline fight here. 

Disable / Enable


Disable / Enable is a very ambitious short film written and directed by VFX Supervisor Christian Lett. The short film introduces telekinetic Celestia to bounty hunters Sgt Leader, Jean and Trigger Happy. With Christian’s knowledge and experience of VFX the film will be visually interesting and packed full of amazing shots.

Find out more on the Disable / Enable Facebook page.

EatSleepFootyRepeat - Season 2


After the amazing success of ESFR Season 1 the show returns to Wales Online for a second season of Welsh football fan content. FSF’s Daniel J. Harris continues as Producer of the show with Season 2 being produced under the banner of EatSleep Media. This season the boys are following Wales’ push for FIFA World Cup 2018 qualification and have new logos, graphics and features for along for the ride.

Watch EatSleepFootyRepeat Season 2 on Facebook.

The WFTF World Championships Wales sponsored by Leupold


FSF have captured and shaped the Leupold sponsored video series covering the 2017 WFTC in Wales. The video series covers the set up of the event, the World Championship itself and meeting the many characters competing for the No.1 spot. The video series also showcases Leopold’s involvement at the event and follows their European Champion shooter Gianni Fabianelli.

Watch the short form videos on the WFTC Facebook page.

Street Food Cardiff


Focus Shift Films were asked to create a series of promotional videos for Street Food Cardiff and their amazing annual event in Cardiff. Thai, Indian, BBQ and Venezuelan food was all on the menu, as well as a different take on ice cream!

Catch this series of mouth watering videos on the Street Feast Cardiff Facebook page.

Indian Train Journeys


Our Dan has been brought onto Jayamac Productions’ documentary film project ‘Indian Train Journeys’ as Social Media Producer to ensure that the project is delivered and builds audience through a strong social media campaign. This short doc shot in India is currently being edited and shaped as the social media campaign builds audience. Once the short project has been delivered Jayamac Productions will then be seeking feature finance to return to India and extend the story.

Visit the Facebook page for ‘Indian Train Journeys’ here.

Fire In My Heart


Directed by Hefin Rees, written and starring Gareth Potter alongside Carys Eleri – ‘Fire In My Heart’ is a stirring short film about two siblings journey to collect their Father’s death certificate. Despite their differences when The Super Furry Animals’ ‘Fire In My Heart’ begins to play on the radio it prompts a journey down memory lane. The stage version was written by Gareth Potter for Dirty Protest Theatre, and with Hefin’s vision the story has come to life in a short, but moving road movie.

Watch the trailer here.


BAFTA Cymru Partnership

BAFTA Cymru have asked Focus Shift Films to become their partners in capturing events and content across their calendar throughout 2017. We shall be filming at a range of BAFTA Cymru managed events, screenings and workshops to help them to share their good work with wider audiences and to provide content to be used in various BAFTA promotional videos.

To find out more about BAFT Cymru click here. 

Mytum & Selby Waste Recycling


We’ve worked with our client Mytum & Selby Waste Recycling to develop their new media arm of the business. Focus Shift Films have provided support through helping to purchase kit and sourcing candidates for trial work, developing the trial brief and booking candidates. We have also provided feedback on trial content created and helped our client to engage the right candidate in work, with the correct contract in place and we continue to work on a consultancy basis to help them build their media business and platforms.


'Don't Take Me Home' DVD Extras


Our Dan’s online football show EatSleepFootyRepeat have produced the DVD Extras for the FA Wales & Jonny Owen’s feature length film ‘Don’t Take Me Home’, which is available on DVD from July 1st. In it’s first week the film shot to No.13 in the UK DVD chart and No.1 in sport. On the DVD Extras there’s over 20 minutes of content from EatSleepFootyRepeat’s First Season.

Find out more about EatSleepFootyRepeat here.



Speculate to Accumulate


Hefin Rees’ short film ‘Speculate to Accumulate’ follows the story of one man’s thought process as he makes a huge decision in his life. Does he speculate… to accumulate? This quirky comedy short looks great and has several laugh out loud moments which will bring plenty of pleasure to audiences.

Watch the trailer for Speculate to Accumulate here.




Save Newport's Nightlife


We have produced this short promotional video for Iffy Harris and his Save Newport’s Nightlife campaign. With over 2,000 views in the first hour the video connected with music lovers, venue owners and the people of Newport. The video features Newport musician and poet Pete Akinwunmi – who we worked with on ‘A Nation Holds Its Breath’.

Watch the video here.

The WFTF 2017 World Championships Wales


The 2017 Field Target World Championships are coming to Wales and Focus Shift Films are managing media and communications, assisting with marketing material and helping to organise elements of the event. With 375 competitors from 28 different countries the event is set to be the biggest airgun competition in the world and we are proud to be providing the media support required to share the event with the world.

Visit the WFTC 2017 Worlds website here. 


Birdcage 'You, My Heavy Star'


Our latest music video for Birdcage is an ambitious project that centres around one long continuous take following an action sequence. As a young woman finds herself in a strange woodlands she is soon surrounded by strange people wearing masks. As the woman runs they give chase and she flees for her life. Directed by Hefin Rees and shot by Steve Owen this surreal musical video will be available soon.

Watch the video here.


CwCw 'Far Out'


CwCw are a young and talented band creating new content. We caught up with them in the recording studio to capture a live performance 360˚ video for them and their latest track ‘Far Out’. The video is being shared across social media by their management company Listen To This to promote the band and their new content.

Watch CwCw ‘Far Out’ on Facebook here. 


EatSleepFootyRepeat - Season One

EatSleepFootyRepeat is a new online video series following Welsh international football. The ESFR podcast followed the Welsh men’s elite team through their Euro 2016 qualification campaign with great success. Now the project has been expanded to include regular videos produced by Focus Shift Films and delivered via Wales Online’s Facebook page.

FSF recognised that the ESFR content and style struck a cord with Welsh football fans and aligned with our own aspirations for creating football related content after the success of our Euro 2016 360˚ videos. Working together to bring a more fan experience and fun orientated video series than is currently available we soon found a home with Wales Online. The show averaged 13,000 – 15,000 views per video in Season One.

Watch an episode of EatSleepFootyRepeat here

Digital Filmmaker Magazine

Digital Filmmaker Magazine have been very interested in out 360˚ work and asked our MD Daniel J. Harris to begin writing articles for their magazine. In the first article Dan explained 360˚ video, who it works and what content can be created using this new format. As a result Focus Shift Films’ image of Dan on top of the Eiffel Tower in Paris was used as the cover image in August’s issue.

September’s issue features an article on rules for 360˚ shooting.
December’s issue features an article on our short film Dying Light and Digital Production Pro.

Click here to read Digital Filmmaker Magazine


Cadw's Tintern Abbey


Focus Shift Films
 has created a 360˚ video time lapse for Equinox Wales and their client Cadw. One of the UK’s most haunted locations has been brought to life in 360˚ and viewers can see the sun drop down beyond the horizon and darkness envelope the abbey. One of Wales’ iconic heritage buildings is open to the public and visitors come from around the UK and beyond to this Cadw managed site.

The video has been shared with Wales Online here and has accumulated over 35,000 views.


Blend Media


Focus Shift Films is now working with London based Blend Media to create unique and engaging 360˚ video content that can be licensed, as well as original projects and ideas for brands and clients. Blend Media provide a unique platform for showcasing 360˚ content and bringing clients closer to creators to form working relationships and collaborations. Blend Media will be representing some of FSF’s 360˚ content. Visit the Blend Media website to see what 360˚ content is available.



When Pele Broke Our Hearts 360˚


Focus Shift Films’ Daniel J. Harris has been in France filming an innovative documentary about Welsh football fans using 360˚ video. Designed to offer a viewpoint of the fans by the camera being carried and talked to by our Dan it should offer a new level of engagement in online narrative films. A lot of 360˚ content is short form and from a stitch camera position, but by carrying the camera it offers a new level of dynamism to the footage captured and gives audiences the feeling of being part of the story. Daniel has brought the film together and shaped the story upon his return, but also delivered regular short videos through the Facebook project page – When Pele Broke Our Hearts – as well as Wales Online’s Facebook page. Videos have so far accumulated over 1 million views. Video links available on our 360˚ Services page.


'Dying Light' Directed by Luke Andrews


Focus Shift Films and Vale Productions have produced ‘Dying Light’. Directed by BAFTA Cymru nominated Luke Andrews and shot by BAFTA Cymru winning DOP Keefa Chan this ambitious short film has been completed and is now being screened at events and festivals. Shot on location in Goodrich, Herefordshire and Blaenavon, Torfaen at the Cadw managed Blaeanvon Ironworks and Stack Square 1940’s house, as well as parts of the film shot in the studio using green screen for a little VFX magic from Tony Rowlands. The story follows two young boys who realise the horrors of war when a German plane is shot down over their sleepy village during World War Two. The film has been selected for Cardiff Independent Film Festival & Carmarthen Bay Film Festival.

Watch the full film here.  

Flickering Myth


Focus Shift Films often gets a mention in our MD Dan’s articles for Flickering Myth – the online movie blog. Dan writes a range of articles about film, TV and the industry as a whole. Often FSF or one of our recent projects gets a mention as Dan uses his real world experience to influence his articles and provide examples and case studies to make his point. Flickering Myth has over 1 million original visitors each month and Dan’s articles are often well received.





Focus Shift Films have been assisting Schoop in building their online presence and reaching new audiences with their product, as well as creating a promotional video that showcases exactly what the product does. Schoop is a communication tool used by schools and businesses to share 1 to 1 messages, group messages, news letters,  questionnaires and a variety of other tools. Safe, efficient, multilingual and paperless communication is revolutionising how many establishments communicate including Cardiff Devils and Cardiff Bus.



Atticus Digital


FSF MD Daniel J. Harris has spent 7 months working with Virtual Reality specialists Atticus Digital on a range of projects as Account Manager and specialist 360˚ shooter and director. Shooting 360˚ content for Adidas, BBC Wales, Visit Wales, the WRU, TV show Hinterland, Hexagon, Invacare and Welsh Water – Dan has been at the cutting edge of technology and has developed the skills to shoot and deliver 360˚ content for the Samsung Gear VR and social media. Dan has also delivered VR projects for Horizon Pharma and SAP. Dan managed social media and digital communications for Atticus during his 7 months, but has now returned to working full time at FSF.

Watch the 6 Nations rugby 360˚ video shot for the WRU, Visit Wales and BBC Wales here. Watch using Google Chrome for best results.



Pete Akinwunmi 'A Nation Holds Its Breath Again'


FSF have helped this Welsh poet to bring his words to life through video and a strong social media campaign. Encapsulating how it feels to be Welsh on international rugby day the poem and video shares the nations pride in their rugby team. This project has been shared through Wales Online over 1,500 time and the video had over 18,000 views on YouTube in only 6 weeks.

The social media campaign reached over 35,000 people through Facebook and was retweeted by BBC’s Scrum V show, current and former Welsh rugby players and other notable Welsh personalities. The campaign took advantage of the national pride and press surrounding the 2016 RBC 6 Nations Championship and reached it’s target audience.

The track was played on Heart Wales FM and was also released on iTunes with all proceeds being donated towards two charities – Barnardo’s and Everyone’s Child Romania.

Read the Wales Online Article

Watch the video

Save Our Male Voice Choirs


FSF produced this feature length documentary about the plight of the Welsh male voice choirs in the 21st Century. The film follows Blaenavon Male Voice Choir as they look to adapt to the digital age and embrace social media in order to rejuvenate their choir and recruitment new, younger choristers.

The project budget was raised through crowd funding and a strong social media campaign that allowed Blaeanavon MVC to build a Facebook page with over 1,100 like from nothing. The project was built around building an online community and sharing content with other choirs and Welsh personalities in order to leverage audience and build support. Through this method of working we were able to engage not only choirs across the UK, but Welsh male voice choirs and Welsh communities around the world.

The project not only featured in local newspapers across Wales and the South-West, but the Wales Online article was shared over 1,100 times and it featured on BBC Radio Wales’ Roy Noble show, ITV Wales News, Channel 4 News and BBC Breakfast. The film was premiered at Cineworld, Cardiff to over 380 people and has screened in cinemas around Wales as well as being accepted into The Carmarthen Bay Film Festival and will be screened at the Welsh International Documentary Festival.

‘Save Our Male Voice Choirs’ is now available on DVD.

Read the Wales Online Article

Visit the Blaenavon Male Voice Choir Facebook page

It's My Shout Productions



In 2015 Daniel produced two short films for It’s My Shout Productions. ‘Hiraeth’ is the story of two brothers returning home to scatter their parents ashes and was aired by BBC Wales. ‘Pwyll’ is a Welsh-language film set in a dystopian future and with it’s clever VFX it was aired on both S4C and BBC Wales.

It’s My Shout offers filmmakers a great opportunity to create content for TV and to build their broadcast credits, network and experiences. Dan worked with a great team of people and produced two quality short films that have been seen by thousands of viewers on national television.


Team Wild TV


FSF MD Daniel J. Harris developed the online TV channel Team Wild TV from 18,000 views in May 2012 to over 50 million views in March 2015. During his time as Head of Video Production the channel delivered over 700 videos and built a subscriber base of over 150,000 people from around the world. As well as TWTV Daniel helped developed online TV channels and platforms for other brands including Subaru UK, Isuzu UK, Air Arms, Great Wall, Realtree, K and K Premium Jagd and Fort Governor’s Estate.




The Jewson Isuzu Rally Team - BCCC 2014


Whilst working as Head of Video Production at Team Wild TV, FSF MD Daniel J. Harris, managed multiple channels and projects for external clients. One of which was the Jewson Isuzu Rally Team video series during the 2014 BCCC. Dan produced and directed all 6 videos in the series and delivered them with a small team of camera operators and an editor. Each Round in the series occurred over a weekend with Dan and his team shooting Friday afternoon, all day Saturday and Sunday – then delivering a short form promo video of the weekend for the following Thursday, before a full 15-20 minute version was delivered the Thursday after that. Dan and his team turned around high quality and engaging videos in a short space of time to help build the audience for the Jewson Isuzu Rally Team.

To see the full video for Round 5 CLICK HERE.




Air Arms


Dan also helped develop the online presence and branding for several clients of Team Wild TV. Dan was a key member of the team that developed the new look website for international air rifle manufacturer Air Arms. Helping to build a team of contributors for the website, to develop an online series of videos for the brand as well as develop the format, branding, dents and style of that video series. Dan produced and directed the first batch of videos for Air Arms TV and set a style that has continued with the video series. The Air Arms YouTube channel and social media following has grown thanks to good quality sharable content and effective house keeping methods for the video content.

To visit the Air Arms website CLICK HERE.